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We share, we engage, and we learn.
A community that walks you to extraordinariness.

Featured Benefits


Unique events and workshops.

Be a part of our renowned network by being invited to exclusive events co-organised by Preface and industry leading companies. A truly one-of-a-kind learning journey.


A tech clinic to be future-proof.

Become the best version of yourself by addressing gaps of knowledge. The more understanding of oneself, the further one can go. This is an essential to maximise your investment before any in-depth learning.


Weekly bites
of knowledge.

Tech continues to evolve, so does our approach to learning. We believe bite-sized knowledge is the key to digesting knowledge in a fun yet efficient way. Customised content tailored to your specific tech needs.

More Benefits

Everyday Carry (EDC).

A collection of essentials symbolising the desire for knowledge. Exclusively designed for the Preface members, making one’s life easier and more stylish with Preface.

Tech Community.

The more the merrier. Sharing thoughts is one of the most enjoyable elements to learn. As a member of ours, you can always be inspired by like-minded, who are committed to tech learning.


Members-only discount.

The cost of learning shouldn’t be monetary, but rather an individual’s determination. Our membership entails an exclusive discount for you to learn and thrive in our carefully curated “techmosphere”.

Ready for some excitement?

Upcoming events & workshops

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Membership Pricing

HKD2,084 / month*

*Billed annually.

Your one-and-only membership for limitless tech education, delivered delightfully

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